Stick-On Letter Perfection

Tip 1: In laying down stick-on letters to make titles for a page, it kills me for them not to be PERFECTLY how I want them and once they're stuck, they're stuck. So I began to lay out the entire line of stick-on letters to the edge of the slick paper that holds stickers. I keep a supply of these papers after I use the stickers on them and stick my letters on so that the majority of the sticker is hanging off. Then when I have ensured that my line of letters is just how I want it, I stick it to the page and life the slick paper out from underneath. Works like a charm! - Julia Murray

Tip 2: SHELLEY'S NOTE: There is good news for those who like to use stickers, but get frustrated when you don't get them just where you want them. There is a wonderful product call Un-du! I use it all the time! When a sticker gets placed where you don't want it, use your Undu to remove it, and then just replace that same sticker where you want it. The product doesn't harm your paper, pictures, or stickers! Just evaporates right off.

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