Tip 1: "When you first receive your photos from processing, using the numbers on the negatives, I number the back of each photo so I know what order they were taken. Especially if it's been awhile since I took the photos!" -- Amelia Herrara

Tip 2: "I make a point to take photos of signs or commemorative plaques or displays hanging that describes where I'm at so that when I go to do my pages in my book, there is already a part of my journaling done!" -- Amelia Herrara

Tip 3: "I keep two cameras around. In one camera I keep black & white film, and in the other colored film. I love to take black & white photos, but I found that not every picture looks good without color. I would get frustrated when I had the perfect pose of my daughter that was a great, 'black & white' moment and not have the right film. I know not everyone can afford to have two cameras, but if you save for it, it's worth not missing those perfect 'black & white' or 'colored' moments." -- Kim Fletcher

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