Never Use Originals

Tip 1: "In some of your "Before and After" examples you mention that you had "already cropped them and had nothing else to work with" or that "these are the only pictures." I think you need to add to your commentary that THIS is a PERFECT example of what NOT to do. DO NOT USE ORIGINALS! If you do not have the negatives of the pictures you can always have someone scan them and make prints, or take them to the local Walmart or pharmacy where they have a Kodak Picture Maker and make copies of your originals. PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not condone the use of originals in scrapbooking!" - Tricia Robertson

Tip 2: NOTE: Thank you Tricia for your Tip! I absolutely agree! When I started scrapbooking I wish that I had known not use orginals. Please take this one to heart scrapbookers. It may potentially save a broken heart if you inadvertently ruin a picture. Not only should you not use "only copy" pictures, but you should also never adhere original documents in your scrapbooks. Always use pocket pages or corner punches and slip in your documents.

Tip 3: "My 10 ½ year old daughter and I have just started scrapbooking together. When she was doing HER pages, I color copied the photos she wanted. To do this I put a little piece of tape on the back of the photos she wanted, then placed as many as possible on an 8½ x 11 sheet for ease of copying." - Pamela Crenwelge

Tip 4: "If you got your pictures developed and forgot to check double prints, tape your pictures to a blank sheet of white paper and take them to a color copy machine. They come out very clear. Be sure to fit as many pictures to a page as you can this saves time and money". - Alicia Pitts

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