Keeping Organized

Tip 1: "I use a plastic accordian folder that latches shut for my scrap paper and patterned paper. It has 40 different folders in it. This sits on my long table so I can access it easily. I organized all my patterned paper by color and put it in accordingly. It is so handy to just go look through all the light blue patterned paper and find something coordinating. The scraps are seperated according to color families - jeweltones, pastels, bold brights, and earthtones. Then their is also a section for white cardstock, natural cardstock, and patterned paper scraps. I can easily take this with me when I crop because it latches shut." -- Kristi Bennett

Tip 2: "Waste not, want not! I have 4 folders in front of me whenever I'm doing ANY scrapping, whether it's working on layouts or making paper piecings or punch art!! The folders are labeled as follows: Solid Colors, Whites, Neutrals, Patterned, etc. Anytime I have a scrap of paper left over (anything over 1" x 1") I just throw it into the appropriate folder. When I sit down to scrap, the folders are opened up right in front of me (lined up right above my 'Work in Progress' area) When I need smaller pieces of papers for mats, punchies, paper piecings; I just quickly browse through each pile in front of me. Clean up is a breeze! if you've got good aim, you can just keep throwing your scraps back into the appropriate pile. If you'd prefer, however, just make one pile as you're working and then file the papers into the appropriate folders when you've completed your project!" -- Dee of Scrap All Day

Tip 3: "I carry a set of cards in my purse with info of what I have at home for sb supplies. It really helps eliminate buying duplicates of what I have already. Here is what I do: I take large index cars and colored paper. With the colored paper, I punch one of each of my punches, then put the punchies on the index cards - one size per card (or cards, as it turns out to be as my collection grows.) Next to the punchie I write the name and brand of the punch. For my decorative scissors, I cut 2 strips of colored paper and glue them to the index card along with the name of the scissors. For my pens, I write the name of each pen with that pen, so I have record of both the colors and the brands of pens. I keep all the cards in a ziplock bag in my purse so it is handy any time I need to check things when I am shopping. - DeeDee Fast

Tip 4: "Find things to double as scrappin' organizers. A kitchen utensil holder, like the Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About, are great for pens, pencils, etc. The small Rubbermaid drawers are great for holding punchies, q-tips, refill bades and some smaller punches." - Tonia

Tip 5: "I made some index cards out of old file folders to fit into a Huggies Wipes container. I organize my die-cuts in here by theme: Winter/Christmas, Valentines, Spring/Easter, Summer/4th of July, Fall, Baby, Children, and Misc. It works great!" - Nicky

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