Do It Your Way

Tip 1: "If you want to crop your pictures in cute shapes, DO IT! If you want to mat your picture, DO IT! This is your very own scrapbook and it should reflect you and your family. My personal experience has taught me that using different options on each page keeps everyone's see what's coming up next! Even with the cute cropping, the colorful frames, the stickers, the die cuts, the fany cutting, the pictures will be the focal point. i have watched the people who have looked at my pages. They pinpoint on the pictures first, even if the page is a busy page or not. So my tip is...OUT WITH RULES!!! Each person is different in their own way, and our memory books should reflect that." - Valerie Brown

Tip 2: NOTE: Although I agree that your scrapbook should reflect your own style and personality, I believe that there should be some rules to putting scrapbook pages together. Do crop your pictures into different shapes and add fun embellishments to your pages. Doing this makes your pages interesting and fun to look at. Be sure though as your are doing it that your layout leads the eye around the page and doesn't focus on any individual element. Your pictures should be the focus. If your back ground is too busy your pictures will get lost in the page. Check out the following example: My Aunt Missy - Shelley

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